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What kind of bird is tweety bird

what kind of bird is tweety bird

Tweety Pie, surely? And it's s canary. I quote wikipedia, and wonder why you didn't go there first. Tweety (Tweety Bird) is an Animated fictional yellow canary in the. yellow,yes they are both yellow. Living Years would like to know your thoughts; what kind of bird is Big Bird? cartoon bird Woody Woodpecker and Loony Tunes' Tweety Bird.

What kind of bird is tweety bird -

A cartoon bird Na i don't no good question. The New Frontier Batman: Male, even though he started out as being pink. Bob Clampett Friz Freleng redesign. Bring back the main forum list.


The Mandela Effect ( Remember Tweety Bird's Famous Cathchphrase??) Please Vote #110


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